After Sales Service

After sales service is the service that the manufacturer or retailer gives to the customer after the sale of the product. This could involve maintenance or repair of the item during a warranty period, or even longer. Obviously, the after sales service that is provided depends very much on what has been sold. For example, if a customer buys some expensive software that could help their own business, the after sales service here could be the installation of the software and relevant training on how to use it.

KEBO's after sales service is our most ascendant element that helps us stand out of our competitors in China's power supply industry for 30 years. We provide the most professional solution to solve your complaints, and indeed, trying to keep our customers happy is our ultimate goal because we believe long lasting cooperation is built beyond trustness. Therefore, our old customers are willing to get back to our service and we also welcome new potential customers to join our big family.

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