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Product Specification:
Model name PR-1000D
Power 1000VA
Technology CPU control circuit + CRGO transformer
Input Input voltage range 140-260V
Input frequency 50/60HZ
output Output voltage 220V
Output precision 8%
Effiency 98%
Phase Single Phase
Meter Display Input voltage /Output voltage
LED display status Green LED Device on
Yellow LED Delay in progress
Red LED output suppressed,input voltage out of range and overheating
Protection High voltage protection YES
low voltage protection YES
overload protection YES
high temperature protection YES
circuit protection resetable circuit breaker
Tel/Fax/Model Jack Optional
smart cooling system Fan
safety standards CE,EN 60950,EN55024
operating temperature 040
storage temperature -1545
operating relative humidity 10%RH102%RH,Non-condensing
inner box(mm) 460X150X120
unit weight (kgs) 2.25
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